Hot Choky with Cocoa Nibs

“Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates Dark hot chocolate milk, with added cocoa nibs  is an extremely healthy,  nutrient dense treat which will enhance your immunity, boost your mood, increase your energy and satisfy your cravings. … Continue reading

My Chai Latte

If you love spice, then you will love my vegan chai latte… a decadent rich winter warmer full of phytochemical – antioxidants and immune enhancing nutrients and  overall wellness … Ingredients to make one mug of chai latte. 250ml of … Continue reading

Happy foods…

How we feel and how we behave is largely due to our brain chemistry ….  🙂 Hundreds of different neurotransmitters are responsible for sending chemical messages which keep the brain and body’s chemistry in balance,  the most relevant of which … Continue reading

The Four Agreements

A little Inspirational Wisdom from the Toltec’s…  by Don Miguel Ruiz The Toltecs were known as women and men of knowledge, they were scientists and artists who explored spiritual truths for inspirational enlightenment, personal freedom and wholeness 🙂 Quiet your minds and listen to … Continue reading